Artwork by James Spencer.

DECEMBER 22, 2008 - A song a bout love and friendship, and how people always judge and gossip before they know the whole story.


The 16-year old boy in the corner
He looks away and sighs
But if he doesn't like me staring
He shouldn't wear pants so tight

I want it, you need it bad
I need it, I still got it

I know that I should save my heart from this
From this tempting lie
You call me and you sound curious
Do I wanna know why?

Your hair, your skin so soft
Your eyes, your eyes

And everyone will go like
Haha haha, you're way too old
Haha haha, he's too young for you

I'd give you anything you'd ask for
If only you could be mine
I know it's hard to say "forever"
But can't we give it a try?

You want it, I need it bad
You need it, I still got it

I know I can be so dramatic
I just like to be right
You have to travel all this way still
Can I give you a ride?

For seven days straight
I'd lost my faith in how
This could end

It's hurting my brain
It's eating my conscience
Still, it's feeding my flame


from Blah Blah Blah, Yeah Yeah Yeah, track released August 7, 2010


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Impossible Situations Hilversum, Netherlands

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